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"Fudging Your Resume"

I went by a church sign today with a marquee that read, “A half a truth is a whole lie.” Hum, what about the information that goes on a resume. Is it ever okay to fudge a little? Answer, it may come back to haunt you.

If you have a touchy situation going on, think about handling it this way: A properly created resume can highlight your accomplishments without listing all the employers you ever had. Your resume can focus on past employment that concentrates on what you have to offer. Dates can be left off if that’s what makes for a better approach, while fibs about dates are not a good idea. If you earned a degree then say so, but if you only attended a school… leave it on only if it helps – and leave it off if it’s not relevant. Nobody cares if you went to dog grooming school and left if you are searching for a legal secretary position, but they would care if you fudged a secretarial degree. (Continue this article...)