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Other resume writing firms claim that their job is only to write well enough for their clients to get interviews. We, however, make it our business to work with clients until they are HIRED. If you don't have a job within 60 days of receiving our work, we'll re-write your resume, refund your money, AND pay you $50 extra!*

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Hire a resume writer! The five resumes shown on our samples page represent only a few random examples of work we've done over the years. Each client is unique and, as a result, so is each resume. To see a few examples of how we would improve YOUR resume,email us your most recent draft and we'll send you back a free critique featuring a partial/sample rewrite!

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During the course of more than a decade, we've successfully helped tens of thousands of clients find work in all industries and for all experience levels from entry to CEO!

To ensure interviews AND jobs for our clients, our resume service utilizes a unique, comprehensive team approach to prepare superior documents. Orders are assigned by career type and then routed to an appropriate group of highly experienced resume writers. After a thorough analysis of YOUR objectives, a job-winning resume is written and edited to PERFECTION by individuals boasting impeccable records of success. Unlike the "competition," we NEVER utilize off-the-shelf resume writing software, students, or part-timers. Instead, each resume project is CUSTOM drafted by experienced professionals to reflect the unique goals of our individual clients. We'll make sure that your resume outshines the countless others received by employers each week...

Why is hiring a good resume writer so important? It's been said that you "only get one chance to make a first impression" and, of course, your resume is a written reflection of yourself. It is static and ultimately inflexible in the hands of a prospective employer. Are you 100% sure that YOU know how to design a resume that will express your background & abilities in a way that will not only interest employers but that will make your resume JUMP OUT OF THE PILE and BE DISTINGUISHED from the hundreds of other resumes already on their desks?

Remember: Our resume writers are SO confident in their talents that we are able to absolutely GUARANTEE if you're not working after 60 days, we will refund your money, AND our resume company will even send you an extra $50! Surely your career is one of the most important things pending in your life at this moment. Entrust it to the only resume company willing to make such a promise!

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