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E-mail us YOUR resume and within just 1 business day, we'll send you back a critique featuring suggestions and a few key examples of how we'll improve it!

Our resume writing service is almost always completely TAX-DEDUCTIBLE!

More than likely, you are eligible to use your receipt from this site to deduct the amount of purchase against your current year's gross income!

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Our standard turnaround time is just 3 business days and RUSH orders are also available on request via our form. All advertised timeframes are GUARANTEED!

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Once you've ordered, e-mail us any questions or concerns along with your ORDER ID# and we'll respond promptly! For even FASTER service, log-in to our dedicated customer service center and correspond DIRECTLY with the writers handling YOUR resume!

Our resume writing service is almost always completely TAX-DEDUCTIBLE!

More than likely, you are eligible to use your receipt from our resume company to deduct the amount of purchase against your current year's gross income!

We are the only resume service that GUARANTEES YOU'LL BE HIRED if follow our resume distribution advice!

Other resume writing firms claim that their job is only to write well enough for their clients to get interviews. We, however, make it our business to work with clients until they are HIRED. Our service doesn't stop with our initial resume writing! If you don't have a job within 60 days of distributing your new resume following our advice, we'll refund your money, AND pay you $50 extra!*

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Even the world's most successful people know that effectively writing about one's own self is next to impossible. Most people cannot 'step outside of themselves' and be objective enough to see what to include and what not to include. Hiring a professional resume service gives you not only an extra pair of eyes, but a few extra sets of professional resume writer minds!

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Professional, Job-Winning Resumes ($119.95) - Includes analysis, strategic planning, team writing, guaranteed satisfaction AND our exclusive JOB guarantee! Resumes are delivered via e-mail and direct download. Nominal surcharges of just $29-$39 are applied to resumes featuring high levels of experience. See our order form for details.

Executive-Level Resumes ($199.95) - Beautifully crafted resumes for those with executive backgrounds and/or seeking executive positions. Executive resumes are generally very involved and often fill at least 2 pages.

LinkedIn® Profile Writing ($89.95) - Many employers expect candidates to have a good, thoroughly completed LinkedIn profile. In a good number of cases, your profile is even more important than your resume! Our professionals can either create a new LinkedIn profile for you OR improve your existing one!

Federal/Government Resumes ($189.95) - Resumes that comply with U.S. Federal requirements. Whether or not you have specific job postings to show us, we can help. We do KSAs too!

Attention Grabbing Cover Letter ($69.95) - While some companies offer "free" cover letters based on only pre-written templates, we take the time to carefully create uniquely personalized letters that are FAR more likely to get employers to take notice!

Career Coaching Lite ($69.95)- A certified career coach will counsel you by phone--dramatically improving the speed at which you're hired and the rate you're paid!

Career Coaching Pro ($189.95) - As with Career Coaching Lite, you'll be counseled professionally via telephone but you'll also receive an extensive written packet evaluating your strengths & weaknesses.

Follow-Up "Thank You" Letter ($59.95) -  Sending a follow-up letter to each interviewer has been PROVEN to increase your chances of being hired! Improve the odds even further by having yours professionally created!..

"Job Hunter" Service ($69.95) - We provide you with 30 leads in your chosen industry and geographic region...

RUSH Service ($39.95) - Standard delivery is just 3 business days but our RUSH service will get your new resume to you in just 3 business days!

Internet Resume Posting ($49.95) - At your request, we'll post YOUR new resume on the Internet AND host it for you!

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WARNING: You do NOT need to pay a high price for higher quality. are a number of less experienced resume writing companies charging substantially higher prices under the guise that you, the consumer, need to "pay more to get more." These same "companies" advertise that it is not possible to pay prices as low as WE charge and still expect to get a letter-perfect, job-winning resume. Nothing could be further from the truth. If that were the case, we'd simply raise our prices to match theirs and then no other resume writing company would have anything to say! The FACT is: The average high priced resume company spends so much excess money on mis-directed advertising that they need to charge exorbitant fees to compensate. Inherent, their clients are made to pay for their overpriced ad campaigns! At TheResumeWritingExperts, our resume service is offered at highly competitive rates because we don't throw around our expense budget on frivolous expenditures AND because we do a huge VOLUME of business so that even though we only make a small profit per order, it translates into a very nice annual income AND we are able to help so many more clients achieve their career goals. And, of course, we back up our words by offering the promise that our higher-priced competitors refuse to even consider providing: The GUARANTEE that you will be working within 60 days or we'll refund your money, AND award you an extra $50!*

At the other end of the spectrum, however, there are definitely companies who charge impossibly too little for resume writing. Figure that a well-budgeted company spends at least 30% of its gross sales price on advertisements and miscellaneous expenses (site maintenance, hosting, etc;) This means if a company charges $50 to assign your project to a resume writer...they're only keeping about $35 before paying that writer. So even if they split the money 50-50, they'd only be paying that writer $17.50. If a GREAT JOB takes a GREAT writer 4 hours on average (some require more time, some require less), how could they POSSIBLY pay anyone qualified enough per hour to do a GREAT job? Simple: They hire overseas college students for whom English is a second language to mass produce sloppy, sometimes incoherent resumes. In contrast, TheResumeWritingExperts AVERAGES $162 per sale (when factoring in cover letters and other add-ons) and we pay a more sizeable portion of that to our writers. As a result, we only earn a little per order, but because we are using highly qualified professional full-time writers, we make money off of our volume. In short, we are one of the only companies offering this level of service at, literally, the perfect price point for us, for our writers, and for you, the consumer...