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Although certain industries require MORE time, we do NOT charge ANY additional fees for ANY industry. While minor surcharges apply for higher levels of experience, we do not believe that your CAREER type should require any augmented fee!

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"Correct Resume Length"

So you want to impress the employer... and you want them to know every great thing about you. You have thirty years of experience and multiple awards, and all kinds of wonderful things to tell them – and don’t want to leave out a word. WRONG! Most people have a very short attention span. Prospective employers tend to be very busy. Many have told me they won’t even look at a long resume – they simply deposit them right into the garbage! A well written resume will let them know just enough to want to know more and invite you in for an interview – such is the true purpose of a resume.

So, remember, keep your resume relatively brief and to the point. One page resumes are appropriate for recent graduates or for anyone with a few years worth of experience... OR just anyone else who CAN fit it comfortably on one page! Two page resumes work for those with extensive high level experience. Three pages+ should be produced only in very unique situations. In sum: Short works!