Every client we serve receives ALL of the following at NO additional charge:

1. An e-pamphlet featuring tips on succeeding at interviews.
2. A second e-pamphlet containing strategies for successfully marketing ANY resume.
3. 24 hour online access to your account, documents, and our customer service department via a full-service, easy-to-use interface.

The same low price applies to resumes for ALL industries!

Although certain industries require MORE time, we do NOT charge ANY additional fees for ANY industry. While minor surcharges apply for higher levels of experience, we do not believe that your CAREER type should require any augmented fee!

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"Evaluating Job Offers"

The hard work is over. You gathered your information, TheResumeWritingExperts.Com created a stellar resume for you, you posted it on line, mailed it out in response to dozens of specific ads, and told all of your "connections" that you were actively seeking work. A short time passed and you received a great job offer. Not so fast. One last consideration: Is it THE job YOU want?

The most obvious question you might ask yourself about the offer is whether it meets your salary requirements and desires for future growth. Benefits are also a big consideration in choosing a job, and so is location. Once these items meets your required needs, there is another important criteria for work satisfaction: What will the workplace 'climate' be like? (and, no, I don't mean the temperature!) (Continue this article...)