Every client we serve receives ALL of the following at NO additional charge:

1. An e-pamphlet featuring tips on succeeding at interviews.
2. A second e-pamphlet containing strategies for successfully marketing ANY resume.
3. 24 hour online access to your account, documents, and our customer service department via a full-service, easy-to-use interface.

We can critique your current resume at NO charge to you...

E-mail us YOUR resume and within just 1 business day, we'll send you back a critique featuring suggestions and a few key examples of how we'll improve it!

We can post YOUR new resume online!

Use the "HTML Posting" feature on our order form to have your new resume become a true e-resume!

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"The Lost Art of Letter Writing"

The purpose of a cover letter is to provide a brief introduction of yourself and a motivational invitation to read your resume. Even intelligent people have a hard time expressing themselves in writing. Probably the last time you put something in the mail it was either a card you signed or a bill you were paying, and your biggest job then was... finding a stamp!

TheResumeWritingExperts.Com comes to the rescue. Your cover letter will let prospective employers know what specific job or type of work you are looking for; it is not their job to guess where you want to fit into the company. We will include outstanding facts that will greatly augment their interest in reading your resume. And, finally, your letter will express your interest in meeting with them so they can really learn about YOU...

When emailing your cover letter, always include it in the same file as your resume. Otherwise, they can be separated in cyberspace. Remember, your cover letter is a first impression...make it count!